NEWSFLASH! Congratulations to Kgoshigadi

The Green City Startup is ecstatic to announce that one of its 2016 finalists, Kgoshigadi, has been selected as a winner of the SLUSH Global Impact Accelerator 2016 in Finland. The announcement was made on the 1st of December 2016 in Finland.

The SLUSH2016 Slush Global Impact Accelerator is a program created in collaboration with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and multiple partners globally. The purpose is to create a leading global accelerator to support startups that are looking to solve some of the most pressing global challenges and contributing to the discussion on impact investing.




NEWSFLASH! WHC shows remarkable success after winning Green City Startup 2015

Designed by Paseka Lesolang, the WHC Leak-Less ValveTM innovation is a control mechanism that prevents 70% of the water loss in toilets due to toilet leaks, when the toilet is not in use.  The innovative valve saw Lesolang being chosen as the winner of the 2015 Green City StartUp initiative.

Lesolang’s mission is to retrofit as many applicable toilet cisterns with the WHC Leak-Less Valve™ and to encourage the industry manufacturers to install the WHC Leak-Less Valve™ before sale of their toilet cisterns; in new toilets the WHC Leak-Less Valve™ serves as a leak detector.

Over the past year Paseka Lesolang, winner of the 2015 Green City Startup competition, teamed up with Resolution Circle to get his idea to market. His winning innovation the WHC Leak-Less ValveTM has recently gone through Resolution Circle’s unique Idea-to-BarcodeTM product development ecosystem idea >> design  |  design >> prototype  |  prototype >> first production. The first 7,000 units were manufactured.

WHC facilitates the employment of youth, women and disabled people, by forming an assembly line in which the product is assembled. WHC is included in the Tshepo 500,000, a Gauteng initiative to create 500,000 jobs in the province.


Baoberry, runner-up in GreenCityStartup’s 2015 competition, wins the #CleantechAwards16 #GCIPSA with their #AWetBox! The winners were announced at a gala dinner on 20 October 2016. Click here for more: