Shaun Randles is specialised in the validation and critical review of integrated talent management and human capacity development goals, objectives and associated planning activities in order to align the organisation with the intended direction.

This experience gave him insight and the skills to consult with business leaders on applied practices that focuses on the behavioural elements of the organisation, including process optimisation of efficiencies and overall performance measurement leading to best-in-class performance management practices to grow a global team of talented, technically trained staff.

Shaun has utilised his qualifications to optimise social networking as a novel tool to teach and learn, while crafting and executing content used to mentor, coach and lead young and ambitious entrepreneurs and scholars and it is his mindset to explore novel ways of optimising technology to improve the education of young entrepreneurs and scholars to significantly develop the quality of their lives.

In 2010, Shaun developed an online ‘social’ networking platform called the Graduate Times – a ‘scholarly’ network that perpetually created and shared vocational education and training content to augment the talent and potential of young entrepreneurs and graduates to fill core occupational fields in South African industry. 

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