In 2007 Crispin was working for a company that provided cleaning and sanitizing chemicals to the food and hospitality industry. He’d been working for the company for 12 years.

When Crispin’s wife fell pregnant with their first child, she became a “ tree hugger “ and informed Crispin and his business partner that the chemicals they were selling were damaging the environment and that they needed to seek less environmentally damaging methods.

Crispin’s company had been using Ozone in conjunction with chemicals to achieve sanitization in dishwashers, and this prompted them to start exploring the other uses of Ozone.

ArcAqua has designed an advanced sanitising solution, which harnesses and delivers the power of Ozone. It is dedicated to developing a suite of innovative ozone delivery products that make the oxidizing properties and benefits of O3 accessible to many professional industries. ArcAqua intends to meet the growing global demand for green tech solutions by delivering an effective, affordable and chemical-free sanitisation alternative. The company has developed a patented method of using ozone - nature’s sanitiser - as a safe and environmentally friendly sanitising solution for the food industry, and with medical and domestic applications

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