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Michael Currin is an Innovation Design specialist and practitioner with experience in designing and developing disruptive ‘ready for market’ products and services. He has an undergraduate degree in Electro-Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cape Town as well as a double masters (MA and MSc) in Innovation Design Engineering from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College in London.

He has worked for 2 years in the off-grid infrastructure industry, designing and developing water and energy solutions for prestigious clients based in South Africa, Botswana and the United States. One of the products he led the design and development on is now considered a flagship product on the market in Africa. Michael has also been involved in Innovation projects for Nissan, Ford and Rio Tinto. In addition to his product development work, Michael has experience as an Innovation Consultant, having worked on consulting engagements with some of South Africa’s top Financial Services companies.

He has a passion for developing products and services targeted at addressing the challenges and opportunities being faced in the 21st century urban environment such as mobility, telecommunications, energy and climate change resilience . His core competencies include: Design Strategy, Systems Thinking, Design Management, Product Design and Product Development.


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