Irvin holds an MASocSci from the University of Cape Town,  a Petroleum Policy  Economics Diploma from Wits Business School and an MPhilEng from the University of Cape Town, thesis pending.

He is an eco-entrepreneur with extensive green business innovation and development skills, as well as research and ambassadorial experience in the green economy.  Irvan is a director of carbonTRACK SA (Pty) Ltd.  His company is the winner of 2014 GAP ICT Innovation Hub Awards.

carbonTRACK is an intelligent energy tracking device.  Once installed in a house/building, you are able to control/switch energy loads, anything from pool pumps to light circuits, from the convenience of your phone, tablet or laptop, all in real time.  Notifications regarding potential damage from geyser malfunctions, are sent via text alerts, reducing resultant damage.  Savings are up to 30% on energy bills.

carbonTRACK is a ProudlySA, SABS-approved product, manufactured in South Africa.

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