Outside of his home life – focused on family and outdoor sports – James is a business entrepreneur whose background is in the energy and technology sector. Having worked in the residential energy efficiency market for the past 5 years he recognised a significant need from consumers of energy and water, to have accurate data on what drives their own consumption, and trusted advice on how to drive efficiency and sustainability. He has applied this experience into the Evolve telemetry system to drive significant economic, social and environmental benefit.

Evolve provides measurement of usage of resources at a granular appliance level, provides control of key appliances in the home to reduce unnecessary consumption, and provides access to expert advice and technologies to drive ongoing energy and water efficiency.

In South Africa, where scarcity and rapidly rising costs of energy and water are placing significant pressures on consumers and more broadly, on utilities and Government, Evolve was developed to harness this situation to achieve real environmental and customer impact.

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