Nathi holds the portfolio of Projects & Business at the Adreach Foundation. With a background in banking and insurance, his underlying passion is social development.

Adreach Foundation has partnered with TrashBack to develop a sustainable, high-tech, recycling collection service that is logistically streamlined and socially responsible.

Waste Preneurs will involve the informal waste collectors from the Greater Alexandra and Kramerville region, in its initial phase. Waste Preneurs will be the conduit between the Waste Source and the Recycling Centers through a structured business, collecting recyclables from organisations in business districts, business parks, schools and residential association areas.

Bridging the divides between communities by using the Waste Preneurs model ensures the distribution of wealth to disadvantaged communities, opening up economic corridors.





Kathryn’s background is in the iCT industry, primarily strategy and product development
Since leaving the corporate world in 2011, she has developed and run several successful social enterprises based on a sustainable (green) poverty alleviation business model.
TrashBack, founded by Andrew McNaught, was one such enterprise in which Kathryn took up a strategic role.

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